Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Soy de H-Town

My plane ride to mexico city was awesome. I was really confused when I got off the plane and the signs were in spanish I sort of forgot I was going to a different country, but I just followed the crowd. That's always good advice, right?

Then we got picked up to come to the CCM. It's mexican for the Missionary Training Center. Centro Capacitacion Misional. I've had to say "Soy de Houston Texas y voy a Des Moines Iowa" so many times because everyone is super friendly. Oh and I also found out the hard way that about half of the vocabulary I learned from my career as a roofer is actually profane. #oops

The food is fantastic here and endless, so I'm pretty sure I've gained a lot of weight already. I tried stepping on one of the scales and it just started beeping and said "overload" lol I tried not to take it the wrong way. I'm not even kidding it said overload on the scale haha.

5 other people in my district are going to Des Moines with me, which is kind of a lot, 3 to Chile Osorno, and 1 to Colorado Springs. My missionary companion is Elder Viel (picture if shia lebouf became a senator, that's exactly what he looks and acts like). As a joke, I told him that "quiero tu cuerpo" means "pleased to meet you". We were in the middle of teaching our first lesson and I look over at his notes and see "quiero tu cuerpo" written down and I busted out laughing and totally killed the spiritual mood. #nobodysperfect. That and the fact that he looks like he's giving an inaugural speech everytime he talks made me laugh like 3 times that lesson...but I'm getting better. 

Sunday, for our Sacrament Meeting, they have everyone prepare a talk (has to be en espaƱol) and this week's topic was the Holy Ghost. Then at the beginning of the meeting, the branch president chooses 3 people out of the 45 people there to give theirs. And I was chosen, and they usually never choose first week missionaries, but I think it went alright.

What's really cool here too, is from like 8:30pm to 9:30pm we have personal study of the language, or the gospel, whatever we want, but sometimes missionaries that have been here longer go around and just visit the classrooms to get to know the new guys. And so they came in and we did the whole "Soy de Houston Texas" deal and then one of them wanted to give us this spiritual thought. He started by posing the question: "Do you think you're valuable?" and then "If everyone in the world was perfect, do you think Jesus Christ would still come down and atone for your sins?" That question alone brought tears to my eyes. And he cited Isaiah 13:12  "I will make a man more precious than fine gold; even a man than the golden wedge of Ophir." It was a really spiritual moment and reminded me how much Jesus Christ loves us and wants us to make the right decisions. And I can't wait to go to Iowa and remind\teach people of that.

I love being a missionary even though it still hasn't sunk in yet, and I miss all of you. #seeyain2years

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