Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Happy Fathers Day!

This week I found out someone I knew was called to the Scotland Ireland Mission, Mandarin-speaking. Pretty sure that's the coolest mission call I've ever heard of, except Iowa of course.
This week I kicked a little kid's purple ball into a tree and popped it. Also a little hispanic kid I knew threw the cutest/most annoying temper tantrum, just shouting CHOCOLATAYY over and over. Someone give that kid some chocolatay. Also we acted out the good samaritan story with some kids and they loved it. 

In church, this one man was supposed to speak and his wife gets up instead and shares how she asked her husband what he wanted for Father's Day, and he said "I'd rather not speak in church" haha. Best father's day present ever. She gave an amazing talk though so it works out.

We had some new friends come to church, I think I talked about them in last week's email. They said "This is my church". Well after church yesterday, we asked them if they would like to be baptized on august 6th and they said "of course I want to be a member of my church" what awesome faith. Love those guys. Well everyone have an awesome week, the church is true. Be converted to Jesus Christ, a conversion facilitated by the church.

Here is the good samaritan video that the church put out, pretty sweet.

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