Monday, October 10, 2016

Shout out to H-Town

This week I ate african food, found out a Five Guys is going to open soon in West Des Moines, and saw 4 baptisms!
One guy was from Houston, grew up in 5th ward. He bore his testimony after of how he worked at Wells Fargo with a member and he would always ask the member life questions and saw the Spirit in him. Then the member gave him a Book of Mormon and he knew it was true when he prayed. He felt the Spirit super strong! He had grown up baptist and already loved Jesus and the Bible and when he received the 2nd witness his faith grew even more! At the end of his testimony he gave a shout-out to H-town! also right after the baptism he was snapchatting soaking wet, and snapping the whole baptismal service haha super awesome!!! The church is true and the spirit testifies of truth!!!

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