Tuesday, February 3, 2015

English is Slipping

I'm pretty sure my humor is definitely getting worse. Maybe it's due to the fact that my overall grasp of the english language is deteriorating, or maybe I was just never humorous to begin with, most likely the latter. Nonetheless, I am finding myself quoting Nacho Libre more than ever before in my life... probably due to the fact that I'm in Mexico. And other than Elder Truman forging a love letter on my pillow, Elder Viel having the fastest sneeze in the wild west, and Hermana Smith's face getting spiked on in volleyball, nothing really funny has happened this week. But Elder Truman did share this one joke worthy of sharing: "What is the difference between a pear, and a missionary's girlfriend? One es pera, one no espera." Again I apologize for my new-found dryness of humor. And if you didn't get it, go to google translate. And if you did get it and didn't think it was funny, just have another missionary write you a weekly letter for all I care.

So our district go to visit the Mexico City Temple today! They're doing renovations, but we got to go to the visitor's center. Our guide was this sister missionary who knew 5 languages...I didn't even know that was a thing, like how is that even possible. Anyways, we watched this video on families, and how important they are. It definitely made me tear up when it talked about how families can be together forever. It reminded me of when my sister Stefi was just married a couple of months ago. I love my family and I'm so grateful we have the chance to be with them after we die. And I realized, that's why I'm going to iowa, to teach everybody how to be together with their families again after they die. 

Also, we watched this fantastic video and I want to share it:

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