Tuesday, February 16, 2016


This week we got a referral for a family from Mexico and we got to teach a lesson in spanish and they want to come to church and be baptized!!! Blessings on blessings on blessings.

Also we taught a family where the father is muslim, it was really cool. We brought a member that spoke arabic and he was testifying and explaining and it was an awesome lesson.

Also taught someone that brought their friend who is actually a member of the church but hasn't been in a long time, it was great. A lot of miracles this week but no really funny stories that I can think of. 

In the dedicatory prayer that Joseph Smith gave for the Kirtland, Ohio Temple, this is one thing he says: "And when thy people transgress, any of them, they may speedily repent and return unto thee, and find favor in thy sight, and be restored to the blessings which thou hast ordained to be poured out upon those who shall reverence thee in thy house."(D&C 109:27). It just makes me thing about how much the Savior wants to forgive us!!! He keeps offering us blessings, and his arm is outstretched! We should turn to him. I love you guys have an awesome week!!!

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