Monday, February 22, 2016

Spanish Speakers

So this week we went to great lengths trying to find more Spanish-speakers to teach. We followed people in their car if they looked hispanic haha we creeped a lady out. Probably not the best finding approach. We also looked through the phone book and called or visited a lot of Spanish-sounding names. 

One of these houses, we were walking up and the 13-year-old was outside. I said "hey buddy, how's it going?" he said "good....who are you guys?" I said "we're missionaries from the church. Are y'all religious?" he paused for a moment and said "...we're mexicans." HAHAHA I about died.

Also we were teaching Johnny who's super awesome, has been a member of the church but recently got over heroine and meth and is coming back to church. In a lesson with him, his phone went off with a song or something that said "get out of my world, B---" and I turned to my companion and asked "was that our phone?" and completely serious Johnny goes "no, it was mine" haha hey I think we might invest in a cool ringtone like that.

So yeah this week we've been blessed with answers to prayers for Spanish-speakers to teach, and it's been good. 

hey here's a good scripture. 2 Nephi4:21 "He hath filled me with his love, even unto the consuming of my flesh." Nephi put God first in his life and is filled with his love as a result and we can all be filled with God's love as we keep his commandments. 

Hey, here's something funny., you can look up profiles of people in the church and watch videos and stuff, it's pretty cool. I found this super random one that's hilarious hahha

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