Tuesday, May 31, 2016

IOWA Hunger Games

This week we helped pick up American flags that fell down in a storm. It was in a cemetery and it was right before Memorial Day!
We went and visited someone right after their landlord came chewing them out for not paying rent on time. They thanked us soo much for bringing peace into their home.
We helped some teenagers win a scavenger hunt because they were just missing a "take a picture with mormons"

but yeah we also had this church activity that was so much fun!!! It was a hunger games activity, so we had a cornucopia with nerf guns and districts and everything. My companion and I were the district leaders of district 1!! The luxury district ;) And we invited a ton of kids in the neighborhood to play it turned out really well. We made T-shirts, tried to put glitter in our hair. Spiritual thought and snacks after, couldn't get any better.

Just like the Hunger Games was a battle we are in a spiritual battle!!!!!! We have to pray and read our scriptures every day or we're not going to have the spiritual strength to come off conqueror. But unlike the hunger games this spiritual battle is actually real and impacts everything. Decisions determine destiny.

Love y'all have an awesome week.

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