Monday, June 6, 2016

Good Gift

This week we saw a cutco knife salesman presentation and cut a rope with a knife. 
We sat close to a 3-year-old at a chinese buffet that liked throwing rice better than eating it.
I played the piano at a garage sale.
My companion had a dream of an alligator and a 16 point stag fighting to the death haha I guess that makes him the most manly person I know. 

Also we ran into someone that was baptized in 2008 and trying to find the church here in Marshalltown, that was cool. 

I also finished reading the Book of Mormon in spanish!! whoop whoop. And I love how Moroni, the son of Mormon, is wrapping up the Book of Mormon at the end and just invites us all to come unto Christ and pleads with us to set aside all ungodliness, and touch not the evil gift but lay hold on the good gifts. It's really powerful.

Love y'all have a good week.

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