Monday, May 23, 2016


We are in a lesson with a 9-year-old who just got baptized, and he starts talking about how he wants to be a missionary so bad, but that he doesn't want to be a missionary forever, because he also wants to get a job to help poor people. I was blown away haha what a good kid!! We told him that missions are only 2 years and then after that we go back and get jobs and help the poor people. He was super excited. What righteous desires from a chamaco.

We were in a meeting talking about how to help people we teach. We said we were going to go to goodwill and buy some nice shirts for a family who felt uncomfortable going to church without nice clothes. The stake president immediately offered us 40 bucks to get the clothes with. What an amazing example!!

This week, along with a lesson we received yesterday from church, had me thinking a lot about Zion. Zion is the pure in heart! Where there is no poor among them, one heart and one mind. We are all working towards zion!!! We have different roles and strengths and gifts and we all NEED eachother. Let us pray to know what our abilities are, and pray and work to strengthen them. And let's build zion!! to quote a hymn that can be applied to both men and women: 
2. Rise up, O men of God,
In one united throng.
Bring in the day of brotherhood
And end the night of wrong.

Brotherhood and unity are essential!! I love this church and it's true.

also this week my companion got talked in to buying a subaru by a salesman, and I caught an escaped chicken.

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