Monday, July 25, 2016

Happy fourth

This week we swept out a baptismal font that had spiders and beetles in it haha I wish the problem was having to clean out algae and small water creatures because it's just full all the time but hey
Saw my 2nd cousins again this week in Ankeny, pretty cool.
Found out Orange Leaf no longer has scales, just a flat rate cup so that was an invitation to pile pomegranate and brownie batter froyo as high as humanly possible, if it fits it ships.
Learned the difference between a class A and class C RV, and that mosquito-repelling bracelets do nothing.
Met some awesome people this week, one that had a PhD, one that had a stormtrooper in his window, and one that's debating divorce that we were able to be instruments of the Lord to help her in that hard time.

Funny Story: We brought over two frozen pizzas to someone's house that we're chill with that was baptized about a year ago. We set the oven to preheat. After a couple minutes we smelled something rank and realized there was stuff in the oven lol, So we cleaned the oven out that was filled with miscellaneous expensive-looking kitchenware, and then stuck the pizzas in. He said we ruined three thousand dollars of cooking equipment, still not sure if he's kidding or not. But yeah I learned two lessons, always check before you preheat an oven, and it's always easier to just buy little caesars. Then while eating, 9-year-old angelita says to me "no wonder you're so big, that's your third piece!"  Needless to say it was a rough night. And unbeknownst to Angelita it was my fourth piece.

Spiritual Story: In a lesson with this awesome man who is working towards baptism, and he tells us of a personal story of him getting pulled over for a DUI and then deciding after that he will ONLY drink water the rest of his life. He realized the things that were keeping him from happiness and cut them off from his life. It reminds me of a people in the Book of Mormon, the Anti-Nephi-Lehis. Alma 23:7 "For they became a righteous people; they did lay down the weapons of their rebellion, that they did not fight against God any more, neither against any of their brethren." Fighting isn't always bad, especially if defending country or family or religious freedom. But they realized it was keeping them from God and wanted no part of it. Let's choose something in our life that we could do without, and cut it out so we can be closer to God!
Love y'all, the church is true and God is reaching out to you.

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