Monday, September 19, 2016


Catching up on the past few weeks here's some cool things that have happened:

-Been playing the piano at church
-Played the drums in a baptist church
-Asked a 12-year-old what his name is and he asked us why we wanted his personal information -_-...good for him. stranger danger
-Met a family that kills cows on saturday and sells the barbacoa meat on sunday
-Accidentally broke the door handle off of the house of someone we're teaching.
-Found out our mission president ran a 2:32 marathon. 
-Saw a homeless guy and gave him a bag of pistachios that were in our car, I didn't realize it was the bag of pistachios my companion's mom had sent him lol
-Someone gave us a mexican candy which consisted mainly of sesame seeds. I innocently asked him why he was handing us bird food. lol he got offended and said he would never feed us again.
-Taught some cool people and felt the Holy Spirit.

Well, the church is true, the scriptures are awesome, and missions are fun.

Photos: elder rocha and I throwing up east side. 515 is the area code for Des Moines

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