Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Temple Trip

This week we made it onto the snapchat story of some drunk Laotians who owned some super nice cars, met someone that had surgery done by the same guy that did surgery on JFK, and while helping someone move accidentally spilled a can of paint on someone's new truck. Cosas que pasan.

We're teaching this family and in the closing prayer, the 6-year-old girl prays for God to give her dad strength to stop smoking and stop drinking. So cute and touching.

This week there was a baptism!! The hermanas were teaching him, he's awesome and I got to baptize him! He was an atheist a couple months ago and slowly his faith grew and grew and now he is a Latter-day Saint of the Lord Jesus Christ. 

We also went to Nauvoo Illinois to the temple this week! We saw a family in the branch get sealed together for time and for all eternity! It was so nice to be there, what an amazing spiritual experience!! I love the temple and can feel la presencia del Señor.
Overall an amazing week the church is true love y'all!

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