Thursday, February 19, 2015

Feliz Cumpleaños y Feliz Día de San Valentin

This week was my companion's birthday!! We got him a bunch of mexican treats from la tienda and sang and drew on the board...etc. He teared up #whosthebestcompanion kidding, it was pretty much everyone else's idea. But we did have mexican brownie brittle which was really cool, too. I thought that was just an american costco thing but they have it here at la tienda. And for valentine's day, we set up desks in the shape of a heart, and I even got a valentine. It was fake but it's still the thought that counts. I also accompanied the EFY medley on sunday which was sang by a district in our zone that just left this morning. I'm sorry I don't have anything funny this week other than last night, we spread foot cream over my companion's pillow and this morning he felt nauseous but still doesn't know why.

So I'm progressing a lot with spanish and with learning the gospel of Jesus Christ. We heard a talk on sunday given by Elder David A. Bednar, and it was so awesome! He talked about becoming more Christlike, and how Christ always turns out when we would turn in. Meaning that if we're going through something hard we want people to know and feel bad, or if we do something awesome, we want everyone to know, but Christ would still always be thinking of others despite what happened. I encourage yall to read through some of the New Testament and just pick out some of the examples of Christ being selfless. One example that Elder Bednar pointed out was after Christ just suffered in the garden of Gethsemane for all of us, the most significant act in all of history, and the most excruciating pain more than anyone has ever experienced, he walks out and finds out that his three senior apostles fell asleep and didn't stay up with him. Furthermore, one of his apostles betrays him with a kiss. As the soldiers are about to take him away, Peter tries to defend him and cuts of a guard's ear. After Jesus goes through all of this physical, spiritual, and emotional turmoil he bends down and heals the man's ear. Surely helping others would be the last on our minds if anything like that happened. It's a good reminder to never lose sight of our purpose of helping others. I know that as we strive to put our lives more in harmony with the teachings of Christ, God will bless us. I guess being Christlike includes not rubbing foot cream on peoples' pillows, but hey nobody's perfect. 

I leave next wednesday to actually go and start improving peoples' lives and telling them about the good news of Jesus in Iowa! Only one more week of training and it's off to the real deal. I love you all!

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