Monday, March 2, 2015

I'm Back in the States

I love teaching lessons, it is so awesome when you get to read from the scriptures and testify of Jesus Christ. Right now I'm in a small town called Marshalltown, and there is a pig slaughterhouse, a huge one, here and so it smells of dead pigs and half of the people we run into work there. Also, we found a bunch of decks of pokemon in a toilet of walmart, that was weird. Yeah Iowa's pretty cool i guess. 

I was reading in Mosiah chapter 2 of the Book of Mormon when King Benjamin is teaching his people, and he starts off by saying how he serves his people. I have one minute left until i have to get off of the computer haha but basically yall should read it, it's super awesome, and he's a king serving his people and look at the ways he says he serves and we can apply that in our life as well. I love this church and the Book of Mormon and can't wait to teach even more people about it even though Iowa is kind of weird and super cold!! And I don't have enough time to attach a picture, so next week!! But seriously, write me letters.

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