Monday, March 23, 2015

The Jungles of Iowa of the people we teach, her boyfriend went to jail, and so we helped to take his dogs to the animal rescue so that was fun trying to round them up. Also, one of the families we teach, their cat just had kittens and they were so cute and we played with them and the kids said they already killed two of the kittens by playing with them too hard...haha it's so terrible. I feel sorry for them but all cats go to heaven right? I think that's doctrine.

Man, we have taught a lot of people this week and it is so awesome to teach people that have been prepared by the Lord, saying they've been praying for an answer and that the message we bring is the answer, of how they can invite Christ into their life. It's so cool, and even with all of the trials that we encounter in this life, as we turn to Christ he will help us, and it's ALWAYS the best path. We feel as if we've been forsaken, but he's always there, sometimes he trusts us and he's testing us. Sometimes he carries us. There's this video that makes me cry every time and I just recently watched it again with the same result. I thought I'd share:
I love you guys!!! Keep being awesome!!

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