Monday, April 20, 2015

Iowa Skies

The sky in Iowa is really beautiful sometimes!! Especially after or before a storm. 

Funny story, this lady, we'll say her name was Maria, was really happy to see us because she said a witch put a curse on her mom. We asked Maria what the curse was, and she said the witch cursed her mom with wrinkly skin. We asked Maria how old her mom was and she said 70. We tried to explain to her that maybe her mom has wrinkles because she's 70 years old and not because she was cursed by a witch. But she insisted, and wanted us to put a blessing on these mexican candies that when her mother ate them, she would be healed. We tried to explain to her that's not how it works haha. Also, we knocked into a deaf woman who signed. I wish I would have learned ASL when I had the chance, but it was pretty cool. We did some service at the library and learned about compost piles and also helped someone move a piano in the pouring down rain.

This week we talked to a family about the Book of Mormon and we read over 1 Nephi 3:1-7. It is when Nephi and his brothers are commanded to go back to Jerusalem to get the records. Nephi's brothers are murmuring and don't want to go, but Nephi says he will go, because he knows the Lord doesn't command anything unless there's a way that it can be done. We then shared personal stories of ways that we have followed hard commandments, and how God has helped us out because of it. Then we likened it unto them and helped them understand that God will bless them for their efforts of keeping the commandments. It was really spiritual lesson, and helped me realize how the Book of Mormon is full of little lessons like that that we can apply to our lives. I love sharing Jesus Christ's gospel!!

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