Monday, May 4, 2015

Hey guys!!!

Sorry this is from a couple weeks ago...
So this week is going to be a terrible e-mail because I have no time left on the computer. And I forgot my camera at home so no pictures.

But.. We had a church activity where we hid easter eggs for the kids! It was really fun, I hid some eggs in this thicket of thorns sort of as a joke and forgot about it. Later, another missionary Elder Mauigoa went and asked one of the kids if she was having fun. She looked up really sad and showed him her scratched up hands...she went for the ones in the thorns. I felt really bad. There's not really a gospel tie-in with this story except that repentance is real. 

Also, there's an awesome video that just came out called "Because He Lives", it's super cool and you can use the hashtag #BecauseHeLives, and it's on and basically everywhere, so go and look that up, it's super powerful!! And actually, It's going to be the banner on the the top of youtube on easter sunday which is pretty awesome, spreading the message of Christ, and that He lives and is there for us!!! I'm so grateful for all of the people we're teaching here in Iowa.

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