Wednesday, July 1, 2015


Hey guys!! This past week was awesome. Fireflies started coming out! That's new. and it's getting hot and humid but not as bad as Houston so I'm not complaining. We've gotten yelled at a lot good to know we're doing something right, and some of our friends were baptized this week so that's amazing. There are probably some cool things that have happened this week. Oh yeah we got a flat tire on the car but we got it fixed. And we are awesome at playing street soccer with kids, those YMCA days payed off. Transfers are this week, so I might leave Marshalltown or stay. I hope I stay I love the people here.

As a companionship, Elder Baird and I have been studying grace. It's amazing how we really all are saved by grace, the debt is paid in full. Christ suffered and died for us and we will all be resurrected and stand before God to be judged. What's left to be determined is the degree of glory our bodies will be resurrected with. That is where faith and works come in, we need to feel comfortable in God's presence. So we're not earning heaven, we're learning heaven. We're just practicing becoming better, and through the grace of Christ we constantly strive to be better. I love this church. 

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