Monday, July 20, 2015


I played the organ in the church for the first time, that was pretty cool. I hit a lot of wrong notes but hey it's just like life we hit wrong notes but keep going. We helped some of our friends move out about 20 minutes into the countryside out of town and it is SO BEAUTIFUL. The corn here is now like my height, varying in different places. It's pretty and so peaceful, Iowa is a naturally gorgeous place. It's crazy to think I've been on a mission for 6 months already and I'm already 19 years old, time flies. Let's press on in the service of the Lord and appreciate all of the beauty around us! 
We talked to some awesome people at an art fair, some sweet paintings, pictures, woodworking, and pens made out of wood and antler. While knocking doors this past week, a guy opened the door and was nice to us and his wife just comes up and closes the door. We waited for a second and heard "Trust me Terry, you do NOT want to be a mormon" hahaha I guess that's my funny story from the week. I don't know if anything I share is funny or if it's just stuff you have to be in the moment for but thanks for humoring me.

In Luke chapter 17, verses 5-10 I think, the apostles ask "Give us more faith". And I want you to look that up and see what Jesus says back in the form of an awesome parable. What I got out of it sort of goes in line with something Elder Dallin H. Oaks said one time, about how we not so much focus on our rights as on our responsibilities. Let's get lost in the work of the Lord, serving others, making them happy, studying from the scriptures, and changing the world. We don't do it to get something out of it in return. We do it because we want to serve others and want to serve God. Mosiah 2:17. I love you guys!! And I love being a missionary.

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