Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Best place on earth

Iowa's the greatest place on earth!! I love it so much. 

So cool stories...We made baptismal programs for the baptism on Friday and I accidentally kept the same date on it from the last baptism, so five minutes before my companion is going through and whiting out the date and writing the new one on pen. Didn't really matter a whole lot but just funny. 

We also took some whiskey away from a man in the grocery store. Started off as a joke but he ended up not buying it. And I learned that Whiskey in spanish is just whiskey lol at least he said it the same. 
We also went to Ankeny this week, and Iowa City for a meeting. Super cool. 
The weather is to die for!! This whole month it's been 60s can't even feel the humidity. And leaves are changing colors. I'll send a picture next week if I remember.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_x_ijWnjcOY Everyone watch this video. Pornography's no joke. It destroys self-esteem and families. 
So yeah. The church is true. The Book is blue. I love all of you. See ya in 2.

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