Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Fifth season continued

How is everybody doing. fantastic.
So this morning we woke up extra early to play basketball in the morning at the church. When we got there, there was a shady-looking guy in the parking lot so we talked to him. It's a long story but ended in us calling the police and inviting him to church on sunday.

Also we were asking more people about Cedar Rapids: the city of five seasons. What is the fifth season? A nice family answered as "the season to enjoy the seasons" I like that answer. There was also a life-long citizen who replied "I haven't the slightest", a little kid who replied "there's an extra season because it gets really hot and really cold" and another who said they just included five because the weather is crazy and changes often. I'll keep you posted on more fifth season responses.

So in the church we have Quorum of the 12 apostles and also quorums of the 70 just like when Jesus was on the earth. One of the quorum of the seventy, Elder Martino, came to the mission to talk to the missionaries, it was great! He talked to us about teaching friends of members, asking better questions for more referrals, and teaching investigators in members' homes. So we had dinner with the Ward Mission Leader and his family, who is in charge of coordinating missionary efforts with that of the ward, and we talked about what Elder Martino instructed us on. In response, the father asked the kids "who do you know that's going through a hard time?" One of the kids said the name of one of his friends. Right after dinner we drove to the friend's house, they introduced the family to us, and we had a wonderful gospel discussion. They didn't accept learning more or coming to church, but they greatly appreciated us wanting to share and they have an even better relationship and friendship now. I pray we all have the courage to do what they did, in talking to our friends about the gospel! I love Jesus Christ and especially now in the Christmas season let's look for the opportunity to serve others!! Merry Christmas!!!!

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