Monday, December 21, 2015

First step put on a ...

So this week I am training a brand new missionary from Baltimore, Maryland. His name is Elder Dotimas. I call him dotimas prime or hippodotimas. He prefers the former over the latter. If you have any other nicknames you can think of please send them to me. That's a joke we're not supposed to call each other nicknames. His flight was delayed a day so I got to stay in Des Moines for a night and taught a few lessons there. Elder Dotimas is the greatest, super good at spanish already and smart and cooks well I couldn't have asked for a greater companion. 

So also a recent convert's basement flooded and we helped her, and she gave us this super old exercise equipment thing from the 80s and the first step of the instructions is put on a leotard haha.

We had a lesson with an investigator, and we felt impressed to bring a certain member there in the lesson, and they ended up having mutual friends and interests, and they came to church on sunday it was awesome. Follow the spirit.

SO EVERYBODY GO TOCHRISTMAS.MORMON.ORG and watch the videos there, they'll get you in the spirit of Christmas like no other. I really like the Alex Boye song, and I'm not even a huge Alex Boye fan. I love Christmas, love the Church, read your scriptures and say your prayers and obey your parents.

Elder Merrell

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