Wednesday, December 9, 2015


How about them hawkeyes. We were teaching a lesson and the university of iowa game came on so we watched kickoff before we had to leave haha. That investigator sent us text updates of the score. I guess their undefeated streak came to an end. Everyone's crazy about the hawkeyes here, especially because they don't have a professional team and the hawkeyes are doing well this season. It's fun to jump on the bandwagon.

This past week was the annual nativity that the church here puts up. They have a bazillion nativities set up all around the church building, and different musical groups coming and performing while you look through the nativities. A lot of different faiths showed up and it was a great activity. They have this one lifesize one that was set up in one of the stores downtown before the flood of '08 destroyed it (everyone in Cedar Rapids will tell you of the flood of '08). So the church restored the pieces and set them up, which brings a lot of attention and history.





Do you want to be filled with the love of God? Then believe in God, and repent of your sins. mosiah 4:12 Andbehold, say unto you that if ye dothis ye shall always rejoice, and befilled with the love of God, and alwaysretain a remission of your sins; and yeshall grow in the knowledge of theglory of him that created you, or in theknowledge of that which is just andtrue.

I love being a missionary. Merry Christmas. The Church is from Jesus Christ to help us return to Heavenly Father. It's not easy to follow God's commandments but we're filled with the love of God when we do. So it's worth it. 




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