Tuesday, March 29, 2016



So we found an awesome guy to teach named Juan!! He's from Africa, has friends that are members of the Church, and said it's the best church in america haha he's really cool and made our week. Shoutout to my boy Juan!
Also when we went to see on of our friends who was baptized about a year ago (last time I was in Marshalltown) she was on this hip new app called YouNow where people just stream and you can watch them and comment or get "guested" which is where you split the screen with whoever is broadcasting, basically means you're famous. So someone guested her while we were there, and we got in it and sang a song and told people about the church it was so cool haha 21st century man. I bet Peter never dreamed of sharing the gospel with YouNow. Shoutout to my girl Maddie34y.

Yesterday we had the amazing opportunity of dining with the one and only Sister Steinback whose cooking is to die for and introduced us to "twinkie-wiener sandwiches" which is a hot dog, using a twinkie as a bun covered in easy cheese? not as bad as it sounds. She also let us hold her baby ducks which was cool, never held a duck before. Shoutout to sister steinback!

So yesterday we talked with a family that's getting baptized on saturday, and has asked that we confirm them!! The dad has been a youth pastor for a bunch of different churches and believes there was something missing that he's found. Such a cool conversion story!! The sister missionaries in our ward have been teaching them. They are such an inspiration of overcoming trials! The church is true, the book is blue, satan stinks and I love all of you!!!

oh and btw check out claire celebrating easter and try not to cryhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZWIx24J00Wc

p.s. we also had an etch-a-sketch competition which made me realize I have to practice a lot

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