Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Happy Easter

This week we knocked into Carroll, an elderly white man who couldn't hear very well. He couldn't understand us at all. So we taught the lesson in spanish and english. He gave us chips though.
We ran into Dan, he does yard work in exchange for beer, seems like a good gig. He wasn't interested but told us where we could find his friend who might listen to us.

Funny experience, we were teaching a lady when her mom walks in and says that we need to be more "misericordioso" or merciful. Her daughter says "they paid my rent last month" haha then the mom says "well y'all don't believe in Jesus" and she started quoting I am the way, the truth and the life, and we finished quoting it and told her John 14:6. We try so hard to help everyone understand. I just want people to know we believe in Jesus and strive to be like Him!

Also this week I ate cow stomach and chicken feet, and I rubbed a pitbull's belly which then sprayed on me, super nasty.

I love you all please check Easter season is the best remember that Jesus Christ was resurrected and it was real and everyone will now be resurrected!! 

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