Monday, August 22, 2016

Iowa Fair

This past week we went to the fair. Cool to experience the "Iowa State Fair" but kind of a lamer version of the Houston Rodeo. Don't tell that to anyone from Iowa though. lol 

This week ate some papusas, held a bearded dragon, and ran into someone from Klein Stake. Shoutout to Brother Schmutz.

So we met with this lady only twice and on the second time she had already read a lot of the Book of Mormon and loved how Lehi received direction from the Lord to leave Jerusalem, and said how we all receive personal revelation on how to direct ourselves and our families and it was so amazing she made that connection! What great spiritual insight!

Also, it was storming pretty hard one night and we decided to leave the safe apartment complex we were knocking, and knock in a neighborhood just for fun because it was pouring lol. And we found an awesome family to teach!! Pretty much let us in because they felt sorry for us but they let us come back because they felt the Spirit of our message!

D&C 62:3 Nevertheless, ye are blessed, for the testimony which ye have borne is recorded in heaven for the angels to look upon; and they rejoice over you, and your sins are forgiven you.

Teach and testify there is no better combination ;)

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